Life Tested, Now Connected: Say Hello to Pulte Smart Home

Free of dead spots and full of opportunity, every new Pulte home is ready to connect to your life how, when and where you want it

ATLANTA, June 19, 2018 – Enviable design, quality construction, desirable locations and ample choices are why homeowners for decades have chosen to build their dream home with PulteGroup. Now add connected to the list, with every newly-built Pulte, Centex, Del Webb, DiVosta and John Wieland Homes and Neighborhoods home professionally constructed to accommodate the latest in smart home automation to fit every homeowner’s lifestyle how, when and where they want it.

“The home of the future is here, giving our homeowners the ability to seamlessly control their lights, thermostat, security systems, appliances and more with just the touch of their cell phone or sound of their voice,” said Ryan Marshall, president and chief executive officer of PulteGroup. “Hotels, cars, restaurants, offices, subways, airplanes and other places we visit on a regular basis are fully wired for our convenience. Yet until now, most homes were not, often requiring a frustrating mix of patchwork solutions for those wanting to integrate technology into their home. Now homeowners will have the flexibility and efficiency of a home that is wired and ready when they are.”

Every new Pulte, Centex, Del Webb, DiVosta and John Wieland homeowner will now have the luxury and ease of adding smart technologies that best fit their lifestyle at any point – without the cost, disruption or hassle that comes with retrofitting the home after it’s built.  From the ground up, the home is ready to connect with seamless WiFi reliability and increased bandwidth, thanks to built-in access points and direct wiring throughout the home.  Built-in wiring and assured WiFi connectivity from anywhere in the home allows access to a full array of customizable products and features designed to run a smarter home.

“The homes we design are inspired by the consumer and tailored to how they live,” said Marshall. “Maybe you have been flirting with Google or already have strong feelings for Alexa, we let you pick the roommate you want.  We’re offering homebuyers the flexibility to choose the features and technology they value and that truly enhances their lifestyle without interfering in it. Whether it’s the base home that’s pre-wired and ready for anything, a home outfitted with selected options from a full suite of smart technologies, or going with full automation to bring the home to life—the choice is theirs.”

Trusted Brands and Partners
Studies have shown that smart home technology can reduce heating and cooling costs, improve home security and increase resale appeal, among other benefits. Moreover, recent survey data commissioned by PulteGroup shows that seven in 10 consumers believe having smart home technologies available in their home is important.
With their smart technology-enabled home, owners have the flexibility to choose offerings that work best for their lifestyle from nationally-recognized providers:
  • Smart thermostats from Honeywell and NEST that can help to more efficiently heat and cool the home, while offering owners the ability to adjust the thermostat remotely
  • Remote garage door openers from LiftMaster that open and close garage doors remotely through a smartphone app
  • The latest advancements in application- and voice-enabled appliances from Whirlpool
  • Smart door locks from Schlage that can lock or unlock remotely
  • Smart entry lighting, smart switches and outlets from Leviton that allow homeowners to set the mood with just a tap of a finger to adjust lights via a smartphone app.  The combination can provide greater overall security for the home
  • Doorbell audio cameras from Ring Wired Elite, so homeowners can see who is at the door before opening
  • Smart speakers, including Amazon Echo and Sonos, with voice control and crystal-clear sound for music, TV, movies, radio and more
White glove professional installation of these and other applications is also available, allowing homeowners to enjoy their connected home without the added stress of set-up and configuration.

Home Security is Top of Mind
According to the latest survey data from PulteGroup, the vast majority of homeowners value smart home technologies for security purposes more than for entertainment.  According to the survey, more than 70 percent of respondents rank security systems among their top three choices when asked about features they value the most. It’s not surprising then that smart doorbells, with video and voice capabilities, and smart door locks are also considered more important than entertainment features such as smart speakers and wireless sound systems.
“Through a smartphone, homeowners can keep an eye on their home while out for the day, remotely close a garage door left open at night, or turn on and off the lights while on vacation,” said Marshall. “Pulte Smart Homes are now smart from the ground up and can be configured to meet the specific needs of our homebuyers.”

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