PulteGroup Architects Level Up with Innovative Gaming Technology to Design New Homes

PulteGroup is revolutionizing the way it designs homes with the help of new technologies that are primarily used in the gaming industry. 
“This innovative technology has been used in the gaming industry for years, but is brand-new to the world of architecture,” said PulteGroup National Design Director Mark Ash. “Today, we are integrating it as a valid replacement for the old pen and paper method we had been accustomed to, and our team is at the forefront of early adopters in the industry.”
The architects at PulteGroup are leveraging the Wacom Cintiq to draw, edit and create home designs. Operating as a tablet-screen hybrid, the device allows users to draw directly on the display surface with true-to-life colors on a high-resolution display that showcases the finest of details. This technology gives the team the ability to utilize its speed, power and versatile functionality in their designs, while maintaining the quality and character of hand drawing, so the artistry remains.
“Previously, we were still using rudimentary techniques to draw all of our designs by hand, rendering them with colored pencils or markers and using white-out to edit,” said Ash. “The Wacom Cintiq tablets have been tremendous in advancing our team’s capabilities and process to produce higher quality floor plans, elevations, full-colored renderings and streetscapes.”
National Senior Design Associate Dan Napier was the first designer to use the Wacom Cintiq and has been instrumental in onboarding it for the entire department.
“The ability to draw, organize and communicate seamlessly on one device is monumental, and we can produce designs at a much faster pace, without sacrificing quality,” said Napier. “While my skillset as a designer is rooted in the art of hand drawing, I could never create the diverse number and level of high-quality designs we are producing now without this technology. Best of all, I have a blast while using it.”
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